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Made by Legends: The Mentor

April 18, 2018

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, our thoughts turn to all the Legendary, larger-than-life women at the source of our stories. The original editions, personal heroes and emergency contacts (even when the emergency is we just want to talk).

Mentors, Motivators, Protectors, Connectors and Inspirers. Let’s open the floor to celebrate all maternal forces gathered over a lifetime. The women we’ve fondly come to know as ‘Role Mothers’. Because it’s true what they does take a village.

Your most trusted advisor and confidant, she generously shares valuable wisdom and personal experiences. She arms you with the knowledge and confidence needed to get out into the world, handle business and then mic-drop on your way out.

Famous for: teaching you about everything from the Oxford Comma to getting over heartbreak, perpetually playing Devil’s Advocate, never saying “I told you so” even (especially) when she did

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