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#DragonWomen on Influence

March 6, 2018

For International Women’s Day 2018, we’re proud to introduce some of our favorite female firebrands: meet two #DragonWomen leveraging their social influence to generate tangible, positive social change in our world.

Lyn Slater, full-time professor of social work at Fordham University, uses her wildly popular style blog, Accidental Icon, to further her agenda of social justice.

One thing we find so amazing about your online identity is that you're able to reach 2 entirely separate demographics: your blog readers are older, professional women but your Instagram following is almost entirely millennials. Why do you think your message resonates with such a diverse audience?

Right from the start I have tried to be inclusive and not speak to one demographic. Part of my social work training has been to understand that we all have very different positionalities and that ideas like “target” markets or demographics do not honor or represent the complexity of the human experience and the fluidity of personal identity in today’s world.

My message is that the only person who should be defining who you are, or should be, is you, which is something that resonates for many people right now. I extend that idea to fashion as well because to me fashion is a way that you can express your unique identity.

Natalia Calvani, model & member of the Instagram Generation, found success on the platform when issuing calls-to-arms for some post-Hurricane Maria cleanup in her family’s remote hometown.

When someone has a lot of people listening, they need to choose their words more carefully. Have you ever leveraged your social presence for a larger cause?

My Instagram is a great platform to reach my audience on if I have a message. After Hurricane Maria devastated my family’s home town of Penuelas, I was able to bring awareness to remote parts of the island, raising money and sending several thousand pounds of food & toiletries. Some of my followers from where I live even came out to lend a helping hand.

Sometimes when I speak about more controversial issues I get a lot of backlash and comments like, "You're a model, not a politician," and it's so irritating. I'm a human being. I have the right to speak on behalf of myself, people like me, and people who don't have a voice.