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Bali to New York

Unique Journeys

Unique Journeys

From a secret oasis in Bali to an only-in-New-York moment, looking good is often about the journey, not just the destination. Our sleek collar necklaces and layered chains make getting ready as stylish as the final reveal.

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Fresh Start

Fresh Start

From a spectacular sunrise in Bali to an on-the-go New York commute, hitting the ground running takes the right kind of backup. Our sophisticated silver pieces herald a just-ahead-of-the-curve cool.

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A Weekend In New York

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The only-in-New-York moments that define this glittering metropolis are unique because you never know when you’ll happen upon them—and how they’ll change you forever. Sleek, layered necklaces take urban sophistication to new heights, whether you’re pounding the pavement or climbing steel towers. Throw on a tailored jacket, white tee, and our Classic Chain Ring, and see if someone doesn’t ask you for directions—when you’re in New York, you’re one of us.

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For Him

New York is the best place in the world to start over, even if it’s only for forty eight hours. Engraved silver and well-cut blazers herald a just-ahead-of-the-curve cool, and our Jawan Station Bracelet, rendered in silver and rugged leather, adds a powerful edge to any weekend look, whether you’re going somewhere new or returning to old haunts that never lose their luster.

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